How to Prepare Your Entry


The written submission must be no more than 4, A4 Pages in a PDF format.

Each Entry needs to include the following elements:

  • The Campaign Title
  • The Client Name
  • The Entry Category being entered

The Summary Statement

In a paragraph, state why you believe your Campaign should win in the entered Category.

Campaign Strategy: Representing 20% of the score

Describe the Marketing situation. How was the brand positioned within the Market? What Marketing Objectives was this Campaign meant to achieve; creating new customers, increasing sales, subscriptions, awareness, trial, switching, loyalty, supporting trade partners, launching a new product, increase market share, etc. What factors were important for the success of the Campaign.

What strategy was used to address the Marketing Objectives, and why. Was the strategy sound for the brand and target audiences. Any parameters/issues were faced in planning?

The Judges will be looking for appropriateness, relevance and quality of strategic thinking.

Campaign Concept: Representing 30% of the score

Describe your concept. How did it evolve. Which technique/s were chosen, and why.

The Judges will be looking for originality, creativity, aptness and an ability to achieve the Marketing Objectives.

Campaign Execution: Representing 30% of the score

How was the Campaign executed. How did it stand out. How was the Campaign promoted to involve the target audiences.

The Judges will be looking for how well the Campaign was executed, the quality of the messaging, and the quality of the target audience participation.

Campaign Results: Representing 20% of the score

The Dragons of Asia is a results-driven Award Programme. However, we are aware that in some cases, it is not possible to include actual results. In this Section we need a response as to how the Campaign was deemed to be successful.

If actual results (sales, market share) are confidential, quantify them, index them, benchmark them, or consider how else results could be reported. We will be selecting Judges to match Entry Categories, so they will have Industry knowledge. If you are able to include results, but require them to be seen only by Judges, include this request in the Results Section of your Entry.


Printed material

Please submit a single PDF file that contains your consumer entry forms, point of sale material, press coverage, mailing pieces and various other material which visually support your entry. Must not exceed 10mb. You may need to 'compress' the PDF file by adjusting your PDF converters options or settings. Please wait until the upload has completed, which may take a while for larger files.

Multi Media Links

Video and audio media should be uploaded to a YouTube™ channel or account, or Vimeo. Copy the link to the YouTube™, or Vimeo video below. You can also include a note or instruction with the link. You may submit or delete links until close date.

Click here for help with YouTube™.

Click here for help with Vimeo.

NOTE: Please test your link after it has been created. If it does not work correctly check the address you entered and copy it into your web browser to test the link. If your link does not work using this test method then there is a problem with the source you are trying to link to and not the Dragons of Asia system.


To help us with the preparation of the Dragons of Asia Media Releases, we would like each Entrant to submit with their entry, with a high-resolution jpeg (around 1mb) of one image which best ‘shows off’ your Campaign.


The Dragons of Asia, incorporating the Dragons of Malaysia and the Dragons of Pakistan, is not responsible for any possible breach by an entrant or entry of any advertising, marketing code of practice or legislation in any country. Entrants will be responsible for any claim which may arise.

All Entries will become the property of the Dragons of Asia who reserve the right to publish entries, to announce winners or generate publicity, excluding any elements which have been directed by entrants to be confidential.

Any metal Award not collected from the Kuala Lumpur Award Ceremony will be freighted to the Winner at the Winner’s cost, including any Customs Duty or clearance costs.